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B-29 bombing mission. War Over Japan – Pacific War 1945. Photo: ©Percy Tucker. All Rights Reserved

LESSON PLANS: War Over Japan/Pacific War
December 7, 1941 – September 2, 1945

The Forgotten History of the Bombing Campaign That Led to Victory Over Japan

Our site teaches Lessons of the War through the eyes and experiences of those who fought in the War Over Japan/Pacific War 1941-45. Those eyes and experiences are those of the 6th Bomb Group based on Tinian Island, which was right in the middle of the action. Care to contribute or comment? CONTACT US



US Strategic Bombing Survey |
The definitive military document of the War Over Japan/Pacific War 1941 to 1945

“How the Superfortress Paced the Attack Against Japan,” by Maj. James M. Boyle, USAF |
Two and one-half million combat-equipped troops and 9,000 kamikaze planes were ready to meet our invading armies on the beaches of Kyushu and Honshu.

“The Home Front was Critical to Winning WWII,” by Ed Vincent, USAF |
American ingenuity on the Home Front played a critical role in the winning of the War Over Japan – Pacific War.



6th BOMB GROUP DIARY | by Al Dimsha, USAF |
“This was our first mining (bombing) mission. We carried seven 2,000 bomb mines.”

6th BOMB GROUP DIARY | Memories of World War II by Newell Penniman Jr, USAF |
“The tension of the take-offs with about 138,000 pounds gross weight including over 7,000 gallons of high octane gas and ten tons of bombs can never be passed on to a reader of these memoirs.”

6th BOMB GROUP DIARY | Tinian Diary of Sargent Charles W. Jones, USAF |
“Had a drink of whiskey. Had a meal. We were all so tired that we could not stand up. This was a 16 hour mission.”

6th BOMB GROUP DIARY | First Missions Truk & Tokyo by Rockleigh Dawson, USAF |
“The loss of power on any one of the 4 engines would be fatal and each man knew this.”

6th BOMB GROUP DIARY | Fortune’s Follies: Robert Patrick O’Riley Fortune in the Pacific Air War by Peter Fortune|
“But meeting the tight flight schedule for this mission meant that the twenty-six planes had to be refueled without the normal cooling period.”



“Lessons of the War,” by the 6th Bomb Group |
Nations throughout history have built dominating militaries to impose their will on weaker nations to expand influence, territorial, offensive, defensive and economic advantage, impose government and religious systems, gain natural resources and other benefits. This was true of Germany and Japan in WWII, and true of Russia, China, Iran, Israel and other countries today. The lessons of the Pacific War are found in how and why we entered the war and how we won it.



“Were Atomic Bombs Necessary to Win the War,” by Ed Vincent, USAF |
The USSBS quoted Former Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe confirming “the thing that brought about the determination to make peace was the prolonged bombing by the B-29s.” Koichi Kido, Japan’s Lord Privy Seal and close advisor to Emperor Hirohito stated “our decision to seek a way out of this war was made in early June before any atomic bomb had been dropped and Russia had not yet entered the war. It was already our decision…I personally think that the war would have ended prior to 1 November as every effort was being exhausted to terminate the war.”



Fighting For Our Lives, Our Freedom, Our Future | The B-29 Pacific War Bombing Missions ©6th Bomb Group Association, 2020″  Ed Vincent, USAF
In this exceptional exposé, 6th Bomb Group B29 Aircraft Commander Ed Vincent describes the frightening experience of the 15 hour non-stop B29 bombing missions over Japan from briefing to return.

Rare Footage of the Atomic Bomb Missions ©Anderson Giles 2020 
Pacific War historian and author Anderson Giles provides intriguing commentary to the historic 509th Composite Group silent color documentary film of the atomic bomb missions over Japan from Tinian in 1945

The Longest Non-Stop Bombing Mission of WWII ©6th Bomb Group Association, 2020
6th Bomb Group B29 Aircraft Commander Ed Vincent describes the longest bombing mission of WWII, a 19 hr. 40 min, 4400 mile non-stop mine dropping mission to Rashin, Korea and back from Tinian, July 11, 1945

Bill Webster Photography from Tinian Island ©6th Bomb Group Association, 1944-45
Some of the best 6th BG pictures of the Pacific War from Tinian Island in the Marianas were taken by 6th Bomb Group photographer, Bill Webster.