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Ground Personnel


A ground crew was assigned to each aircraft. Each ground crew was under the command of a crew chief (whose name might be painted on the side of the aircraft). The tasks of the ground crew were to perform routine maintenance on the aircraft, to patch up minor battle damage and to hunt for gremlins hiding in aircraft systems. Each squadron included support personnel assigned to particular specialties. These included aircraft refuelers and armorers, radio and radar technicians, and cooks and chaplains. Standard military dictum is that every combat soldier requires 5 to10 people supporting him to make sure that he is supplied with beans and bullets. This is particularly true where the combatant is using a high tech weapon such as an aircraft. Without those people behind him, he might as well be throwing rocks.

The B-29 support groups can be divided into three categories:

The Aircraft Ground Crews – who were assigned to a particular aircraft.
The Squadron Service Personnel – who provided daily support for the men and the machines.
The Service Groups – who initially handled only the big jobs and later provided most of the ground crew personnel.


PHOTO: ©Frank Barrella. All Rights Reserved.

24th Squadron

The Ground Crew of “Irish Lullaby.” As can be seen, the Ground Crews spent a lot of time working outdoors in the hot sun. Shirts were optional.

PHOTO: ©Frank Barrella. All Rights Reserved.

39th Squadron

Several of the men who became crew chiefs of the 39th Squadron. 

Standing – Left to Right: Sgt Joseph A. Plax, M/Sgt Hildry O. Strickland (Crew Chief), S/Sgt R. Martelly, Jr. (Crew Chief), T/Sgt Henry A. Rowen (Crew Chief, “Grider Gal”), T/Sgt Jack A. Chaney (Crew Chief), M/Sgt Henry H. Kolthoff (Crew Chief, “Snugglebunny”), Sgt Julian E. Pencovic (Crew Chief).

Kneeling – Left to Right: S/Sgt S. T. Cieselski, Sgt Otis B. Cox, S/Sgt James E. Kitchel, S/Sgt Ralph A. Francescone (Crew Chief), M/Sgt Joseph P. G. Cote (Crew Chief).



PHOTO: ©Jason Bishop. All Rights Reserved.

Possibly “Trigger Mortis” Crew

Possibly the Ground Crew of Major Sgt Joseph P. G. Cote assigned to “Trigger Mortis II.”

The third man from the right may be Supply Sgt Anthony Ferraro of the 359th Air Material Squadron.

PHOTO: ©Martin E. Eichelman. All Rights Reserved.

101 st Crew

Ground Crew assigned to a B-29.

PHOTO: ©Chris Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

PHOTO: ©Allen Beay. All Rights Reserved.

40th Squadron

Major Sgt William J. Owens was crew chief on “Gravel Gertie,” which “completed 22 combat missions without a mechanical malfunction necessitating an early return.”

He received a Citation for Meritorious Service.







Gordon Kirchner gets a break from working on “Flak Alley Sally” to take a look outdoors.

All that glass caused the B-29 to become quite hot, and there was no electricity to run fans.



The Ground Crews were probably the hardest working men on the base. They had the difficult task of making sure that, not only was the B-29 assigned to them ready for the next mission, but would carry the crew all the way to Japan and back. This was a difficult task under the best of conditions, particularly given the mechanical quirks of the B-29. They worked indoors and outdoors, in all kinds of weather, day and night. Their only rest was when the aircraft was on a mission. But, even then, they spent most of the time worrying about whether the plane and crew would return safely.
The Aircraft Ground Crews – who were assigned to a particular aircraft.
The Squadron Service Personnel – who provided daily support for the men and the machines.
The Service Groups – who initially handled only the big jobs and later provided most of the ground crew personnel.

Types of Maintenance
Maintenance work was divided in to “echelons.” First echelon maintenance included pre and post-flight inspections, and minor repairs and servicing. Second echelon maintenance included periodic inspections (25, 50 and 100 hour inspections), adjustments or replacement of equipment, and engine changes. Third and fourth echelon maintenance included major work, such as engine overhauls.

The Crew Chief System
When the 6th Bomb Group arrived at Tinian, the USAAF was still using the “Crew Chief System.”  In this system, a Crew Chief [MOS 750] was permanently assigned to each airplane. In addition, the crew chief had an assistant crew chief and five Airplane and Engine Mechanics [MOS 747] to help with the maintenance of the plane. The mechanic was qualified in all systems except armament, camera, and radio. The crew chief was a master mechanic. The crew chief and his crew members maintained the airframe, engines, controls, and accessory systems. Each Squadron had a certain number of specialists, including Armorers and Electrical Technician [MOS 685]. The major advantage with this system is that each ground crew had a special knowledge and attachment to their airplane. A disadvantage was that some ground crews ended up working harder than others, depending on the condition of the aircraft.

The Post Line Maintenance System
During the latter part of the war, the USAAF changed from the “Crew Chief System” to the “Post Line Maintenance System”. In this system a much smaller ground crew was permanently assigned to each airplane. These included a Crew Chief , an assistant crew chief and only one Airplane and Engine Mechanic. To supplement their efforts, the Crew Chief called upon specialists from the Service Groups. As a result of this change, most members of the ground crews were reassigned to the Service Groups where they would be called upon as needed. While most of the men probably missed being attached to a particular airplane, this change helped maximize the workforce by assigning individuals to airplanes based on need.

Group Maintenance
A combat group had a commander for all group maintenance, which was done in a maintenance section headed by an engineering officer. The section was divided into two branches: a flying line maintenance branch and a production line maintenance branch, each headed by an assistant engineering officer. The flying line maintenance branch was broken into four units: one each for maintenance, servicing, armament, and communications. This branch was responsible for servicing, preflight, daily and 25-hour inspections, filling out forms, all contact with aircrews, replacement of aircraft and engine units (unless it would involve excessive out-of-commission time), and accomplishment of technical order changes. The production line maintenance branch consisted of 14 units: one each for cockpit and cabin, cleaning, flight controls and surfaces, hydraulic and landing gear, engine, fuel and oil, electrical, instrument, propeller, armament, communications, metal repair, ground equipment repair, and parachute. This branch was responsible for washing and cleaning; accomplishment of 50-hour, 100-hour, and other periodic inspections; engine changes: and technical order changes beyond the capability of the flying line maintenance branch. The production branch also changed major assemblies; did metal repair and maintenance and servicing of flight-line and hangar equipment; and prepared engines and aircraft for return to supply or depot and aircraft for return to depot.

The Job of the Crew Chief
Both systems placed a lot of responsibility on the Crew Chief. The Citation for Meritorious Service received by Sgt William J. Owens, Crew Chief for “Gravel Gertie,” illustrates the kind of work involved:

“Sergeant Owens was Crew Chief at a base in the Marianas Islands supervising the maintenance of a B-29 aircraft. Working under adverse conditions which frequently involved new problems never before faced in aircraft maintenance, he directed the ground servicing of his place so effectively that it completed 22 combat missions without a mechanical malfunction necessitating early return. Displaying indefatigable zeal, he devoted exceptionally long hours to keep the plane operational, sometimes leading his crew in repairing battle damage suffered in one raid while simultaneously readying the bomber for its next mission.”

CREDITS: For information & copyrighted images

Frank Barrella, son of S/Sgt Frank L. Barrella, Mechanic on the “Irish Lullaby”; Jason Bishop, grandson of Sgt Julian E. Pencovic, Crew Chief, 39th Squadron; Chris Murphy, daughter of William J. Owens, Crew Chief on “Gravel Gertie”; Alan Beay, son-in-law of S/Sgt Gordon W. Kirchner, Radar Mechanic on “Flak Alley Sally.”

Squadron Specialized Services

PHOTO: ©David Wilhelm, son of Sgt Daniel L. Wilhelm (58th BW, 468th BG, 794th and 795th BS). All Rights Reserved.

Engine overhaul on a B-29. A special crew handled these tasks, performing them at the revetment. Even with all this equipment, an overhaul took more than a day to complete.

Each squadron had other service personnel who handled the specialized maintenance chores on the planes, as well as keeping the aircraft fueled and armed for each mission. The cooks, medics and chaplains took care of the men.

Aircraft Mechanic/Auxiliary Mechanic [MOS 747]
Armorers [MOS 911]
CFC Maintenance
Mess [MOS 824]
Personal Equipment
Propeller Shop
Radar Section
Radar Mechanic, Bombardment [MOS 867]
Radar Countermeasures [MOS 852]
Radio Shop
Refuelers [all Naval personnel on Tinian]
Sheet Metal
Armorers [MOS 911]

Ground Crew Listing - 24th, 39th & 40th Squadrons

24th Squadron Ground Crew


Mestepey, Lloyd T. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
Smith, William R. T/Sgt , Crew Chief
Wood, Tyrus C. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
Nosarzewski, Joseph S. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
McLaughlin, Robert W. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Walker, William H. T/Sgt , Crew Chief
Grandstaff, Robert V. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Vargas, Conaro Pfc , Ground Crew
Wilson, Harry W. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
Patterson, Wilbur B., Jr. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Higgins, Paul C. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Reynolds, Jack B. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Watson, Jeff M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Caldwell, George H. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Spraggins, Sherman E. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
Gurski, William S/Sgt

Beach, Clarence R. S/Sgt , 24BS Line Chief
Basrin, Louis W. M/Sgt
Gates, Frank A. M/Sgt
Hamilton, H. A. M/Sgt
Robinson, Chester J. T/Sgt
Taylor, George B. M/Sgt

Nugent, Nicholas F. Sgt , Ground Crew
Hughes, Clyde E. Cpl
Morris, Lee R. Cpl
Howry, Orville E. Sgt
Ruhl, George E. S/Sgt
Labuhn, Carl J. Sgt
Abramson, Elliot J. Pfc
Bradley, Charles A. Pfc
Cook, Walter C. Cpl
Denk, John M. Pfc
Grabowski, T. F. Sgt
Massey, James W. Cpl
Meschcan, Edmund F. Cpl
Shemon, Joseph J. Sgt
Steinberg, G. B. Sgt
Abbott, James W. Cpl
Barna, John A. Cpl
Barrett, Cecil B. Sgt
Bush, Donald E. Cpl
Calhoun, James L. Sgt
Kye, Carlisle Sgt
Fazzino, Salvatore Cpl
Graves, Max D. Sgt
Magrini, Eve M. Cpl
Marshall, James W. Sgt
Parrett, Charles L. Cpl
Phillips, John M. Pvt
Pickert, John P. Sgt
Pollard, William G. Sgt
Quairry, Lee H. Cpl
Reyes, Joe A. Cpl
Ryder, Robert L. Sgt
Wheeler, Thomas A. Sgt
Bolling, Pehr O. Cpl
Beck, John W. Cpl
Carson, Virgil E. Pfc , Teletype Operator
Loritz, Gerald G. Sgt
Richards, Forrest Pfc
Sheap, Richard M. Cpl
Kopecky, Mile J. Sgt
Richmond, Charles P. Sgt
Bell, Everett E. Pfc
Cox, Albert J. Cpl
Davis, Colin V. Pfc
Junn, Frank B. Cpl
Ender, Arnold D. Cpl
Harris, Herbert G. Pfc
Hoover, Clarence Pfc
Horton, William H. Pfc
Hunley, Earnest L. Cpl
Kraft, Harry A. Pfc
Kuslick, Ernest L. Pfc
McConnan, M. C. Cpl
McNabb, John A. Cpl, Driver – Refueling Unit
Roberson, J. , Jr. Pfc
Schumacher, F. C. Sgt
Speakes, Carman P. Pfc
Stalhut, Thomas K. Pfc
Thurman, John S. Pfc
Ward, Larry A. Pfc
Webb, Richard C. Pfc
Wilcox, Vernon V. Pfc
Beiter, George V. Cpl
Young, Arnold J. Pfc
Gaudino, James P. Cpl
Hadley, Howard E. Cpl
Handly, Eugene R. Pfc
Hjort, Leroy E. Pvt
Kroger, John I. Sgt
Krueger, Harold H. Pfc
Lisenmayer, R. R. Cpl
Raskin, Sidney Sgt
Sigafus, Donald H. Cpl
Swett, Max Sgt
Wasserman, Selig Cpl
Wilson, Lloyd D. Pfc
Belleville, R. O. S/Sgt
Sheppard, Bernard G. S/Sgt
Tierney, James E. T/Sgt
Zorb, Edward J. S/Sgt
Christensen, G. P. Cpl
Lovelady, Darwin E. Pfc
Rhoads, Roy J. S/Sgt
Solomovitz, Hyman Pfc
Stump, Elbert M. Sgt
Cook, Clifford C. S/Sgt
Albrecht, W. W. Sgt
Bandstra, Edward Cpl
Barrett, Bernard B. Sgt
Barringer, Arthur F. Pvt
Davis, Grady Cpl
Krieder, Gene L. Pfc
McClellan, F. B. Cpl
Morison, James A., Jr. Pvt
Rose, Dewey W. S/Sgt
Danaher, Joseph M. Sgt
Yund, Thomas B. Cpl
Buntt, Jewell J. Pfc
Dunn, Edwin O. Pfc
Johnston, Leroy W. Pfc
Leis, William J. Pfc
Lowe, William R. Pfc
Masceri, Richard A. Cpl, Mail Clerk
Troy, Fred C. Pfc
Ducharme, Roger J. Sgt
Lieser, Claude L. Sgt
Botham, John A. S/Sgt
Little, Edward C. Pfc
Miller, Joseph F. Pfc
Bealise, James F. Cpl
Gish, Jack J. Cpl
Owen, Henry H. Cpl
Harbert, John R. S/Sgt
Breitenbach, H. F. Sgt
Lowing, Harold F. Sgt
Padgett, John D. T/Sgt
Barrella, Frank L. T/Sgt, Ground Crew
Brady, Glen B. Sgt
Dillrowicz, Paul Sgt
French, William C. Sgt
Griffith, Herbert J. Cpl
King, James E. Sgt
Landau, Morris A. S/Sgt
Lewis, Weldon E. Cpl
Lewis, Glen C. Pfc
Mick, Mike Sgt
Morrell, Victor S/Sgt, Ground Crew
Posey, Ross G. Cpl
Palos, Virgil M. Cpl
Ray, Jessie W., Jr. S/Sgt
Riley, Robert E. Cpl
Rowe, Cromwell Pfc
Sampson, Martin T. Cpl
Sands, Ralph E. Cpl
Thompson, Douglas Pfc
Wells, Layton L. Sgt
Affelt, Raymond J. Sgt
Blombaum, Harry M. Cpl
Bolds, Donald E. S/Sgt
Cronigner, E. F. Cpl
Feil, Martin J. Sgt
Godsey, Jack C. Cpl
Graham, Clestor D. Sgt
Gross, Clair E. Sgt
Hammond, Leonard A. Cpl
Hawes, Archie H. Pfc
Honeker, F. A. Pfc
Houstrap, John F. Sgt
Jennings, Wayne B. Cpl
Johnson, William W. Pfc
Kohn, Gregory Pfc
Miller, Eugene F. Sgt
O’Rourke, John J. Sgt
Porrbsky, Peter V. Pvt
Rainholtz, Henry O. Sgt
Sandbo, Karl M. Sgt
Somerad, John Sgt
Spivey, Glenn B. Cpl
Szoc, Rudolph R. Cpl
Van Brunt, Tom C. Cpl
Wood, Arthur T., Jr. Pfc
Wilson, Robert R. Cpl
Yanowski, Joseph Sgt
Austin, Francis V. Sgt
Huibregtse, L. E. Cpl
Branson, Elmer A. S/Sgt
Jones, William O. Cpl
Ruppert, Lowell H. Pfc
Seat, Howard W. Sgt
Stack, John E. Sgt
Adams, John L. M/Sgt
Anderson, Darwin B. Cpl
Carrasco, Leonel Cpl
Douglas, Caleb F. Pfc
Drasner, Victor Cpl
Drury, Abner B. Cpl
Elliott, Richard C. Cpl
Fischman, Jerome Sgt
Fowesdel, John Cpl
Gillis, John Cpl
Goldberg, Joseph Pfc
Grobe, James L. Sgt
Gronowski, Frank E. Cpl
Guy, Dane H. Cpl
Harper, C. D. Cpl
Hecker, Wayne S. Cpl
Hodges, Donald E. Sgt
Irish, Donald W. Sgt
Jamison, Herbert L. S/Sgt
Knoff, Edmund F. S/Sgt
Kramer, William P. Sgt
Lardani, T. J., Jr. Sgt
Levine, Louis S. Sgt
Luttrull, Wamen D. Pvt
Margolis, Jacques Cpl
McAbee, Durrell R. Pfc
McCoy, Edwin W. Cpl
McInnis, William H. Sgt
Menz, Edward E. Sgt
Miller, John H. Cpl
Minehart, Lucas , Jr. Sgt
Mitchell, Jarreli Cpl
Morofski, Ernest C. Cpl
O’Neill, Bryan J. _ , Crew Chief
Pearson, James C. M/Sgt , Crew Chief
Plashna, Thaddeus Pfc
Purvis, James W. Sgt
Quintana, Philip Pfc
Ratliff, Arthur W. Sgt
Rogers, Theodore S/Sgt
Rottman, Joseph N. Cpl
Sather, Roger Pfc
Sacomako, T. L., Jr. Sgt
Slowitz, Harold L. Pfc
Steele, James N. Cpl
Suggs, William Sgt
Turner, Harry G. Sgt
Turnrose, Rudolph O. Cpl
Vnak, Edward R. S/Sgt
Vorderbruggen, Benedict A. Pfc
Williams, L. E., Jr. Sgt
Willis, Francis E. Sgt
Ketman, Allen C. Sgt
Frost, Norris Sgt
Howard, John Sgt
Adametz, Charles T. Cpl, Radio Technician
Bates, Marion W. Sgt
Deipel, Richard W. S/Sgt
Detleff, Norbert E. S/Sgt
Goosay, Charles E. Cpl
Liptak, Edward T. S/Sgt
Owsley, Edsel H. Sgt
Ritzman, Dean D. Sgt, Radio Technician
Reegner, Dale K. T/Sgt
Skwarek, Richard T. Cpl
Burton, John D. S/Sgt
Feldman, Morris E. Cpl
Glazer, Sidney L. Cpl, Radio Technician
Hoover, Roy D. S/Sgt
Moss, Jerry Cpl
Schavoland, Fred N. Sgt
Tsanadis, James G. Sgt
Daniels, Linus L., Jr. Cpl
Keck, John G. Sgt
Hodgens, Ralph H. Cpl
Roth, Regis F. Cpl
Trombley, Everett E. S/Sgt
Phagen, James F. S/Sgt
Jamison, Harold N. S/Sgt
Evans, Leland J. S/Sgt
Abel, John R. S/Sgt
Thygersen, Merle D. Sgt
Walter, Charlton H. Sgt
Welsh, Earl L. Sgt
Wiechars, James E. Sgt
Armour, W. E., Jr. S/Sgt
Baar, Marlow Sgt
Barnes, Kenneth F. Sgt
Bauman, Matthew C. Sgt
Blitzblau, Frank S/Sgt
Dahm, Joseph F. S/Sgt
Ernest, John T. Sgt
Fritzler, Victor E. T/Sgt
Gardner, J. F., Jr. Sgt
Keeven, John J. M/Sgt
Kugler, Reginald J. S/Sgt
Milligna, Elwood E. Sgt
Patton, Roy D. S/Sgt
Pierson, R. S. S/Sgt
Settle, Howard S/Sgt
Young, Edwin H., Jr. Sgt
Weikle, Vernon E. Sgt
Welch, Bruce M. Sgt
Chupa, Charles M. Cpl
Clarke, Joseph J. Cpl
Demarary, David Pfc
Falvo, Ralph L. Cpl
Franklin, Lloyd E. Pfc
Gojmorac, Nick N. Pfc
Haglich, Anthony J. Pfc
Hoyt, Dale W. Pfc
Jablonski, John M. Sgt
Jenks, Charles N. Sgt
Keeling, M. R., Jr. Pfc
Kirkland, Earl J. S/Sgt
Kirschner, Edwin J. Cpl
Leo, Clayton J. Pfc
Madrid, Philip Pfc
McClure, Edward B. Sgt
McShane, Charles T. Cpl
Mikulac, Joseph Cpl
Miles, Donald E. Pfc
Miller, William L. Sgt
Miller, Albert L. Cpl
Miller, Melvin N. Cpl
Molfetta, Angelo A. Pfc
Morrow, John L. Pfc
Pascoe, John J. Sgt
Powell, William G. Cpl
Rainey, John H. Cpl
Richardson, W. H. Sgt
Roche, Maurice J. Sgt
Santiago, Antonio Pfc
Spitko, Kenneth F. Pfc , Armorer
Stein, Gilbert Cpl
Stratford, W. T. Sgt
Trela, John Sgt
Valedes, John Pfc
Wiernusz, Louis A. Pfc
Zuckerman, William Pfc
Arensmann, Leron G. M/Sgt
Banks, James H. Cpl
Boruff, Maurice H. Cpl
Burstein, Albert R. Cpl
Ciesluk, Joseph B. Cpl
Cole, Marvin K. Sgt
Compitello, F. W., Jr. Pfc
Condella, Frank C. Sgt , Crew Chief
Dograglia, E. C. Sgt
Dempkowski, M. P. Sgt
Duquette, Robert L. Pvt
Guagenti, Sam Sgt
Harding, Gano T. S/Sgt
Harrison, Charles M. Sgt
Houston, James T. S/Sgt
Lacy, Ralph A. Pfc
Laska, John Cpl
Lovere, Joseph P., Jr. Pfc
MacGregor, N. R., Jr. Sgt
Martin, Hollis S/Sgt
Mauer, Earl L. Cpl
McGinnis, J. E. Sgt
Hinnich, Joseph R. Pfc
Park, Richard I. Pvt
Smith, George M. S/Sgt
Surovy, Andrew Pfc
Taylor, Elmer N. Cpl
True, Ernest M. Cpl
Timinella, Samuel J. T/Sgt
Vega, Louis S. Pfc
Simmerman, A. W. Cpl
Bryant, Charlie M. Sgt
Collika, Walter Sgt
Daly, Herman E. Cpl
Deeds, John R. Sgt
Nelson, Bert S. Pfc
Rezubek, Walter J. Sgt
Sanders, Jack A. Pfc
Wallace, Philip Pfc
Kapp, Harold R. Sgt
Kiel, Paul A. Cpl
Barke, Harvey E. Cpl
Cary, Morgan R. Sgt
Crane, Richard L. Cpl
Dudys, Casimir F. Cpl
Dykes, Albert T. T/Sgt
Fly, Ronald D. T/Sgt
Goloy, Arthur D. Cpl
Helko, Robert C. T/Sgt
Howell, R. L., Jr. Sgt
Kreiner, Frank Cpl
Levine, Jonas Sgt
Linson, Robert E. S/Sgt
Mauchamer, David N. Cpl
Nelson, Carl A. Pvt
Spanitz, John A. Cpl
Staubach, Martin A. S/Sgt
Wahl, Jacob A. S/Sgt
Waxman, Sol Cpl
Weir, Edwin L. S/Sgt
Crews, John B., Jr. Cpl
Osmond, Oscar L. Cpl
Scheffal, Wesley W. Sgt
Sovern, Jesse F. Sgt
Davis, Sherwood Pfc
Cladgett, Edwin B. Pvt

Belongs to Air Crew?
Allen, Robert W. S/Sgt

39th Squadron Ground Crew


Rowen, Henry A. T/Sgt , Crew Chief
Potts, Glen D. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Francescone, Ralph A. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Elliott, John V. M/Sgt
Fusch, John P. M/Sgt
Pencovic, Julian E. Sgt, Crew Chief
Stevens, Howard C. M/Sgt
Kolthoff, Henry H. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Lachance, Dennis F. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Martelly, Roland J., Jr. S/Sgt , Crew Chief
Strickland, Hildry O. M/Sgt
Cote, Joseph P.G. M/Sgt
Rawson, George S. S/Sgt, Ass’t Crew Chief?
Drakeley, Horace J. T/Sgt
Walters, Tracy R., Jr. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Chaney, Jack A. T/Sgt

Bucher, Eugene E. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Donohue, Robert J. Cpl, Ground Crew
Ciesielski, Stanley T. S/Sgt
Plax, Joseph A. Sgt
Kitchel, James E. S/Sgt
Cox, Otis B. Sgt

Kunz, Willis H. Sgt, Ground Crew – Eng Spec

Lewis, Bonnie M., Jr S/Sgt, Crew Chief

Daniels, Alfred B. S/Sgt, Crew Chief

Canady, Raleigh J. M/Sgt
Cantonwine, Gail S. M/Sgt
Driskell, Joseph P. S/Sgt
Kneck, John P. M/Sgt
Hall, _ W. S/Sgt
Persinger, Bernard G. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Smith, Everett M. S/Sgt
Spanton, Wayne C. M/Sgt

Catherman, C. O. Cpl
Bastien, Allen R. Pfc
Becker, Robert H. S/Sgt
Brown, Ray E. Cpl
Butler, Frederick A. Cpl
Denhart, Joseph C. Pvt
Dodson, Charles W. T/Sgt
Esterhay, N. A. Cpl
Harpster, Fred R. Cpl, Armorer
Hazard, Harry E., Jr. S/Sgt
Hummeny, William Cpl
Ignacio, Frank J. Sgt, Armorer
Koutras, William Pvt
Kradlak, William M. Pvt
Labrie, Joseph E. Cpl
Lafile, Armand W., Jr. Sgt
Lawson, Murl P. Sgt
Lederer, Albert C. Sgt
Lloyd, Hollis O. Pfc
Loper, Donald J. Cpl
Mairaota, John Cpl
Marx, Andrew J., Jr. S/Sgt, Armorer
Meek, Kenneth D. Sgt, Armorer
Moore, Kenneth S. Sgt
Nichols, John P. S/Sgt, Armorer
Owen, Verdie V. Cpl
Peace, Thomas H. Pfc
Whyte, Robert Cpl
Wood, Charles T. Pfc

Boos, Kenneth W. Sgt
Cunningham, Paul C. Sgt
Mendello, A. J. S/Sgt
Rodriguez, Joe G. Sgt
Gray, Melvin L. Cpl, Maintenance
Ainsworth, W. C. Cpl
Consigliere, S. Sgt
Dalesandro, A. H. Cpl
Johnson, J. J., Jr. Cpl
James, John K. Sgt
Love, Robert S., Jr. Sgt
Ruzanski, Walton J. Cpl
Siverman, Henry K. Cpl
Bicocchi, Roy L. Cpl
Carlon, Edward L. Sgt
Denham, Robert J. Sgt
Griggs, Frank M. Cpl
Krol, Stanley Sgt
Majauskas, George Cpl
Markey, John F. Sgt
McGuire, Marlin J. Cpl
McKenna, Thomas P. Cpl
Medico, James V. Sgt
Molino, Joseph L. Cpl
Monroe, Earl W. Cpl
Moushey, J. C., Jr. Cpl
Santoro, Peter Cpl
Silvasi, Joseph A. Cpl
Sipple, John C. Sgt
Sylverser, John S/Sgt
Dickeson, Leonard F. Cpl
Mateer, Vance Sgt
Leo, Carl R. Sgt
Meyrose, William Pfc
Miller, Joseph M. Pfc
Palmieri, Alfred G. Cpl, Communications – Radio
Martinka, Victor J. Sgt
Steele, Joseph E. Sgt
Beemon, Odis D. Cpl
Dalia, Dominick J. Cpl
Decanio, Fred D. Pvt
Domres, Richard H. Pfc
Dougherty, Thomas N. Pfc
Gardner, Charles L. Cpl
Gunn, Robert C. Cpl
Hanson, Herbert C. Pfc
Hudson, George H. Cpl
Kalla, Douglas Cpl
Kazarnowicz, F. J. Pfc
Michaud, Roger M. Pfc
Miller, James H. Pfc
Moore, Kenneth D. Pfc
Moore, Walter P. Pfc
Novak, Donald O. Cpl
Parris, John T. Pfc
Rasmussen, Elmo R. Cpl
Reale, Antonio Pfc
Souder, Harold N. Pfc
Talavera, Angel R. Pfc
Tarr, Howard W., Jr. Pfc
Zellerman, Robert Cpl
Atkins, C. B., Jr. Cpl
Batt, Vernon W. Sgt
Ceglawski, Henry C. Sgt
Chambers, Elrod M. Sgt
Crowder, Clifford H. Sgt
Ferguson, Hugh J. Cpl
Forth, William S. Sgt
Grant, William P. Sgt
Hubbard, Laverne J. Sgt
Johnson, Burdette D. S/Sgt
Kempfer, Robert J. Cpl
Olevert, Warren L. Sgt
Parker, Richard A. Cpl
Singleton, V. R. Cpl
Gatfield, Dearson N. Sgt
Knox, Thomas S/Sgt
Shrenk, Alfred J. S/Sgt
Thomas, James E. M/Sgt
Klacza, Casimir J. S/Sgt
Posmoga, Ralph M/Sgt
Towery, Clyde H. S/Sgt
Wardlow, James J. S/Sgt
Buchan, Morton G. Cpl
Madacki, George , Jr. Pfc
Towner, Bernard J. Sgt
Markwith, Russell B., Jr. T/Sgt
Berger, Francis H. Sgt
Breech, Harold D. Sgt
Bunner, Hugh L. S/Sgt
Karasiewicz, A. Sgt
Logan, Fred C. Pfc
Marfiak, John G. Cpl
Morris, Chriswell V. Sgt
Olson, Harold C. Cpl
Pearson, William E. Cpl
Sandberg, Milo H. Sgt
Stark, Hugo J. Cpl
Schurmann, Melvin F. Cpl
Thompson, C. A. Cpl
Faust, Herchel M. Sgt
Golinski, Michael M. Cpl
Orlick, Bernard S/Sgt
King, William T. Pfc
Mauldin, Robert O. Cpl
Powell, Lauren C. Pfc
McBride, James W. Pfc
Sapain, Hugh A. Cpl
Broom, Robert M. S/Sgt
Symkowski, L. C. S/Sgt
Vislay, George A. Sgt
Almy, Walter D. S/Sgt
Creighton, John R. Sgt
Higbic, Edward O. Sgt
Ingram, Lonney L. Cpl
Komyak, Michael R. Sgt
Maddox, Russell E. S/Sgt
Markel, James T. Cpl
McNamara, R. H. Cpl
Miller, Jack R. Cpl
Moss, Robert F. Sgt
Rousselle, Francis J. Pfc
Stetler, Thomas L. Pfc
Throneburg, H. D. Cpl
Winder, William W. Sgt
Yee, David Cpl
Zimmerman, Myers E. Sgt
Alexander, R. C. Sgt
Gurris, Glenn Q. Cpl
Chames, John N. Cpl
Comite, Frank J. Cpl
Cours, Raymond E. Cpl
Deligans, Bobby H. Cpl
Foley, Edward J., Jr. S/Sgt
Harms, Thomas S. Cpl
Heystek, Richard G. Sgt
Jeffries, William G. Sgt
Jensen, Robert W. Sgt, Ground Crew
Jergenson, Louis S. S/Sgt
Kiuttu, Melvin J. S/Sgt
Lo Presti, A. J. Cpl
Lukasik, John F. Sgt
MacNiel, Richard D. Cpl
Myers, Joseph L. Cpl
Primiano, Frank Cpl
Rivell, Frank W., Jr. Cpl
Robert, Boryl W. Cpl
Savala, Tommy L. Cpl
Sheram, William Cpl
Szezepanski, J. J. S/Sgt
Wilson, Clarence C. Cpl
Wittels, Lester Sgt
Young, William F. S/Sgt
Zbierowski, W. F. Sgt
Bennett, Gerald I. Pfc
Hovda, Elmer J. S/Sgt
Lord, Richard E. Sgt
Hicks, Frank R. S/Sgt
Martin, John M. Sgt
McGonegal, Harold F. J. Pfc
Meunier, Paul J. Pfc
Snyder, Keith A. Sgt
Adams, Jay C. Cpl
Applebaum, Martin Cpl
Beard, John Cpl
Bradford, John C. S/Sgt
Burgor, John Sgt
Calandra, Dominick A. Cpl
Clark, Roy E. Cpl
Conroy, Harold J. Cpl, Engine Mechanic
Dassatti, Gino D. Cpl
Delaney, Jack J. Cpl
Dean, Robert O. Sgt
Dennis, Harold E. Cpl
Dunlap, W. G. Sgt
Eckenrod, Regis H. Sgt
Esche, Kenneth C. Cpl, Engine Specialist
Farlow, Waldo H. Cpl
Galatioto, Felix Pvt
Getz, Walter H. Cpl
Giaquinto, Joseph S. Cpl
Giardina, Joseph R. Sgt
Graybeal, James K. Cpl
Griffith, Harry P. Cpl
Gubkin, Leo S/Sgt
Havemann, Eugene A. Pfc
Hudson, Robert E. Cpl
Hyde, Ralph E. Sgt
Janico, Samuel Cpl
Johnson, Ralph R. S/Sgt
Johnston, Robert F. Sgt
Jones, William B. Pfc, Mailroom
Kahler, Robert O. Sgt
Kriegel, Leonard A. Sgt
Head, Gale R. Sgt
Mies, Harold H. Cpl
Nugent, Donald E. Sgt
Raymer, John E. S/Sgt
Rockwood, Justin E. Cpl
Rogers, James H. Cpl
Rubenson, Alvid Cpl
Sandoval, Robert J. Sgt
Sender, Stanley F. Cpl
Smith, Edward A. Sgt
Smith, Arlie W. Cpl
Stone, Gordon L. Pvt
Tigertt, Carl D., Jr. Sgt
Wilkos, Walter J. Cpl
Wolter, Howard H. Sgt
Yuska, Donald E. Sgt
Anderson, Gordon K. Sgt
Astreth, Fred W., Jr. Cpl
Beale, Nolan A. Cpl
Bobb, Elwood L. S/Sgt
Fosterman, Horace E. S/Sgt
Kaough, John E. Cpl
Mattoon, Ward E. S/Sgt
Newbury, George H. Cpl
Pocius, Andrew H. S/Sgt
Smith, Clyde W. Cpl
Green, Nicholas B. S/Sgt
Harris, Richard G. Cpl
Larson, Birger A. Cpl
Lombardo, Jerry J. S/Sgt
Mundack, Morris B. Cpl
Therrien, Joseph A. S/Sgt
Wright, Kent H. Cpl
Stolarz, Thaddeus K. Cpl
Allerdyce, Alvin R. Cpl
Davis, Homer L. Sgt
Alonzo, Librado , Jr. Pfc
Kolstrom, Drannon D. Pfc
DeRuyter, Eugene J. T/Sgt
Haraway, Harry G. S/Sgt
Grossman, Harry S/Sgt
Jeffers, Dean H., Jr. S/Sgt
Kidwell, John R. Sgt
McAdams, Roy J. Sgt
Williams, Roy E. Sgt
Wright, John S. Sgt
Archer, James A. Sgt
Barone, August Sgt
Blaskiewicz, R. Sgt
Burke, Edward P. S/Sgt
Cates, Obie M. Sgt
Crame, William Sgt
Engleton, Robert F. Sgt
Fancher, Thomas M. S/Sgt
Hannan, Joseph R. Sgt
Haverman, Carl J. Sgt
Heinmeyer, Edwin A. Sgt
Horne, Lambert F. S/Sgt
Keller, Tommy L. Sgt
McLain, Albert G. Sgt
Nobert, W. L., Jr. _
Rygiel, Joseph R. S/Sgt
Stringer, Gordon J. Sgt
Worden, Ward S. T/Sgt
Barlow, John T., Jr. Sgt
Bull, Edwin B., Jr. Cpl
Byrum, J. W. Cpl
Carbonell, M. J., Jr. Cpl
Carlson, Martin , Jr. Sgt
Chosaley, C. P. Sgt
Cipriano, Rodolfo Pfc
Colleran, James D. Pfc
Cossel, Raymond W. Pfc
Costa, Frank F. Cpl
Courtney, Joseph W. Cpl
Dalto, William R. Cpl
Dauscher, Joseph E. Sgt
Doering, Frederick Pfc
Fry, Abraham J. Cpl
George, Harold V. Sgt
Gonzales, Alfonso Pfc
Janik, Peter A. Sgt
Jarosek, Felix C. Sgt
Jodice, Louis A. Pfc
Justice, Samuel Cpl
King, Hiram L. Pfc
Kowalchuk, Walter Sgt
Linhart, George L. Sgt
McGowan, Michael Cpl
McKissack, P. C. Cpl
Moore, Edward J. Cpl
Palenik, George O. Cpl
Polaski, John J., Jr. Pfc
Schilling, Victor W. Cpl
Scoggins, Leroy M. Sgt
Shanfelt, Harry W. S/Sgt
Smith, John M. Sgt
Stack, John Cpl
Tumey, Lester Pfc
Zeimet, Raymond M. Pfc
Butler, Ralph Pfc
Coletti, Roby F. Cpl
Johnson, Devere C. S/Sgt
Liles, Aura S. Pfc
Riedinger, Joseph G. S/Sgt
Smith, James T. Sgt
Springer, Rollin K. Sgt
Westergard, Olaf , Jr. Sgt
Zika, Richard J. Cpl
Moore, Oliver J. S/Sgt
Torrans, Louis S. Cpl
Baird, Allen J. Cpl
Bloss, Herbert D. Cpl
Buker, Samuel L. S/Sgt
Burns, James L. Cpl , CFC Mechanic
Burrows, Leslie W. S/Sgt
Coccaro, John R. Cpl
Cosgrove, William E. T/Sgt
Durkovic, George , Jr. Sgt
Fazioli, William B. S/Sgt
Higgins, George C. S/Sgt
Higgins, Elmer W. Cpl
Holeman, William L. Cpl
Lewis, Allenby W. Sgt
Nies, William M. Cpl
Robb, Louis M. Cpl
Robbins, Willis B. S/Sgt
Ruppert, John A. Cpl
Schaller, Richard F. S/Sgt
Sexauer, Robert S. Sgt
Tockman, Morcocai T/Sgt
Oliveto, Dominic Cpl
Gerry, Joseph E. Sgt
Johnson, Leroy E. Sgt
Roberts, William B. Cpl

Bowley, Bernard E. Pfc
Imbimbo, Michael J. Pfc
Kunkel, Harry W. Pfc
Lerman, Abraham Pfc
Loper, Donald J. Pfc
McCoy, Robert H. Pfc
Mrigliano, Francis A. Pfc
Nunez, Bennie B. Pfc
Ortegon, Fernando Pfc
Perrone, Anthony P. Pfc
Pinnell, Robert F. Pfc
Talbot, Herbert W. Pfc
Vasko, John E. Pfc
Walters, James M. Pfc
Doughty, John R. Pvt
Reiner, Warren Pvt
Rogers, James H. Pvt

Kelly, Robert H. _
Mayberry, Tommy L. S/Sgt
Opalink, George _ , Munitions Worker

40th Squadron Ground Crew


Augustyn, Joseph F. M/Sgt
Parkinson, Marvin H. M/Sgt
Ray, Robert W. M/Sgt
Felty, R. G. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Smith, Hugh D. M/Sgt
Nelson, James D. T/Sgt, Crew Chief
Kasek, Michael J. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Stutheit, Richard L. M/Sgt
Van Landingham, Lewis F. M/Sgt
Jacobs, Daniel T/Sgt, Crew Chief
Angel, Arthur H. Sgt
Campbell, Ybur G. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
McPherson, John Cpl, Chief Mechanic

Kirchner, Gordon W. Sgt, Radar Mechanic
Owens, William J. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Sharp, Orval H. M/Sgt, Crew Chief

Arden, Forrest D. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Beversdorff, H. J. M/Sgt
Biehl, John S. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Brussel, Harold J. S/Sgt, Crew Chief
Chambers, Paul D. Sgt
Cornett, Henry A. T/Sgt, Crew Chief
Dranchek, John M. M/Sgt
Jackson, Firman W. M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Koch, Matthew H. S/Sgt, xfered to air combat
Levin, Leon M/Sgt, Crew Chief
Pusczina, M. M/Sgt
Weldon, James W. S/Sgt

Wilson, Robert M. S/Sgt, Ground Crew

Covert, William Cpl
Manning, Charles Cpl
Morsen, William Cpl
Watson, Frank A. S/Sgt
Basinger, Robert Cpl
Creighton, B. J. Pfc
Gerdes, Charles R. Cpl
Horton, Elwood E. Sgt
Latora, Daniel R. Sgt
Medzadoorian, M. M. Sgt
Munk, Melvin Sgt
Mysliwski, H. A. Sgt
Panciello, Parman Cpl
Townsend, A. R. Cpl
Andreoli, Antonio Cpl
Sertagnolli, R. Pvt
Butler, H. H. Cpl
Cobb, Stanley E. Sgt
Cox, Jack Sgt
Fiscus, Kenneth Cpl
Flowers, Roy F. Sgt
Fuhler, Robert J. Sgt
Lambert, C. F. Pfc
McKinney, S. J. Cpl
Morgan, Neil W. Sgt
Morris, Stanley Cpl
Norman, Odina Sgt
Saylor, Arnold Sgt
Scott, Lloyd W. Sgt
Sheppard, Edward Sgt
Dierra, Frank A. Cpl
Williams, Roy E. Sgt
Stephens, Robert Cpl
Grimmer, Howard Cpl
Hattery, Paul E. Pfc
Morris, Donald E. Pfc
Vasser, Paul H. Cpl
Salome, Joseph Cpl
Callaham, James D. Sgt
Luttjohaan, Leo J. Sgt
Alini, S. J. Pfc
Barnes, Henry Cpl
Beatty, Robert E. Pfc
Brinkley, H. R. Sgt
Brown, George H. Pfc
Case, Carl H. Cpl
Clayton, Paul C. Cpl
Cook, Stanley I. Pvt
Decker, Joseph Pfc
Dobler, Bernard Pfc
Foley, Kenneth A. Pfc
Erton, Charles W. Cpl
Kwiatkowski, Walter T/Sgt
Headley, Ernest W. Pfc
Hitch, Arthur , Jr. Cpl
Law, Ritchie D. Pvt
Lininger, Laverne Pfc
Smerlik, John S. Pfc
Snowden, G. W., Jr. Pfc
Sweting, Gerald E. Pfc
Talley, James A. Cpl
Temole, Donald H. Pfc
Barnard, Joseph R. Cpl
Barry, Peter J. Cpl
Czechowski, K. Z. Cpl
DeBellonia, N. C. Pfc
Dimarco, James Cpl
Nicholson, Afred Pvt
Pinnell, George W. Cpl
Sands, Charles F. Pvt
Seastrum, L. V. Cpl
Sintros, C. J. Sgt
Ward, Aubrey P. Cpl
Zabowski, George S. Sgt
Carmichael, R. L. S/Sgt
Deipp, Clay S/Sgt
White, Robert M. S/Sgt
Ziegler, H. E., Jr. S/Sgt
Cassarino, George S/Sgt
Classer, Edward A. Sgt
Kenneally, A. N. Sgt
Dennis, Donald Pfc
Folmer, William S/Sgt
Gee, George K. Pfc
Lindsay, Ray W. Sgt
Taitelman, A. A. Pfc
Dacus, Dan H. Sgt
Dickson, Thomas Cpl
Kohn, Edward R. Sgt
Leach, Donald B. Cpl
Livingston, W. R. Cpl
Peera, Joseph S/Sgt
Plott, Billy J. Pfc
Tray, William F. Sgt
Siebert, Earl M. Cpl
Valverde, Patrick Cpl
Wiskerchen, R. J. Sgt
Harnyak, Joseph F. T/Sgt
Kozuch, Paul A. Cpl
Marr, James R. Sgt
Fisher, James A. T/Sgt
Dodd, John R. Pvt
Kelbel, John M. Pfc
Kelly, Eugene A. Pfc
Klepper, Norman E. Pvt
Kocharski, Edward Pfc
O’Neal, Carl L., Jr. Pfc
Raasch, Harold A. Pfc
Ross, Carl J. Pfc
Savage, John H. Pfc
Lenander, Robert Pfc
Kahonen, Henry S/Sgt
Nast, Carl J. Cpl
Tower, Warren G. Pfc
Watkins, Orville Cpl
Garcia, Ermando Pfc
Robinson, Harry E. Pfc
Duncan, Frank B. Sgt
Gray, Kenneth E. Sgt
Hanwell, Walter D. S/Sgt
Ako, Frank W. S/Sgt
Backstrom, Robert A. Cpl , Mechanic
Badiali, Silvio C. S/Sgt
Boyer, Paul R. Sgt
Christopherson, R. Sgt
Clements, G. F. Cpl
Connelly, John J. Pfc
Darling, William Sgt
Davis, Max Cpl
Flavin, George T. Cpl
Gasparello, A. G. Sgt
Itkonen, John O. S/Sgt
Kusmiak, John Cpl
Legaro, Joseph O. Sgt
Perrin, W. E. Pvt
Reinhardt, Marcel Sgt
Stringer, Ansel D. Cpl
Teeple, Harold L. Cpl
Weaver, Ernest E. Cpl
Bruny, Lawrence Sgt
Budge, Jarod Y. Cpl
Eppler, John O. Pfc
Galioto, August J. Cpl
Giaqinto, A. J. Cpl
Griffix, Charles S/Sgt
Guthrie, John A. Cpl
Johnson, John Pfc
Kania, Walter J. S/Sgt
Kirby, Russlee R. Sgt
Kollis, Eugene R. Sgt
Kromas, Philip E. Sgt
Krug, John Sgt
Maxedon, Dean R. Sgt
Murray, Thomas W. S/Sgt
Naylor, Charles T. Pfc
Piazza, Joseph A. Pvt
Pierce, Jess E. Cpl
Robinson, Lewis Sgt
Shepard, Robert P. S/Sgt
Stephens, Augustus Cpl
Waitman, Don R. Cpl
Ward, Albert R. Cpl
Weatherly, Alton Sgt
Yakubik, Joseph Sgt
Zewe, Carl P. Sgt
Zinke, Albert S. Pfc
Chappell, C. J. S/Sgt
Hale, William O. Cpl
Moran, William E. Sgt
Balcerzak, Edmund S/Sgt
Dunlap, Lawrence Cpl
Koons, Miles K. Cpl
Seals, K. C. Sgt
Walleman, L. A. Cpl
Allegood, W. L. S/Sgt
Alper, Max Cpl
Anthony, C. L. Sgt
Ashton, Charles D. Cpl
Avery, Carl F. Sgt
Barker, Albert , Jr. Cpl
Becker, Paul W. Sgt
Bowman, Roy E. Pfc
Bray, Franics D. Pfc
Brinson, Lewis I. S/Sgt
Brotherton, Leevie Pfc
Chin, Frank Cpl
Church, Fred A. S/Sgt
Corgey, Barnie L. Sgt
Dahlberg, Edwin L. Sgt
Davis, Leevie W. Sgt
Deering, Donald A. Sgt
Distler, Donald B. Cpl
Epperson, Douglas Cpl
Flanary, Curtis E. Cpl
French, Jack B. Sgt
Garcia, Esteban H. Cpl
Gooling, A. J., Jr. Pfc
Gutosky, William R. S/Sgt
Harris, Louis S. M/Sgt
House, Frank G. Sgt
Hoosch, Frank Sgt
Kaler, Harold L. S/Sgt
Kelly, Francis W. Sgt
Kellogg, Robert H. Cpl
Kumos, William J. Cpl
Lattimer, Aaron L. Sgt
Lipoff, Lloyd Cpl
Lobello, Peter A. Sgt
Lowe, Richard B. Sgt
McCloskey, F. A., Jr. S/Sgt
Miley, Bernard E. Sgt
Miller, James L. Cpl
Minro, Robert C. Sgt
Morgan, Virgil Pfc
Mulrooney, E. A., Jr. Cpl
Osgood, Ralph E. Sgt
Paul, Albert W. S/Sgt
Ridge, Neil E. Sgt
Rohr, Frederick H. Sgt
Ross, Thomas A. S/Sgt
Scott, Robert Sgt
Shirley, Harry E. Sgt
Simmons, T. G., Jr. Cpl
Tuskan, John S/Sgt
Udall, Theodore J. Cpl
Warner, Charles E. Cpl
Weeks, Douglas L. Cpl
Yanoski, James J. Sgt
Adair, Arthur N. Cpl
Armitage, Roswell Sgt
Bailey, Arthur H. Sgt
Barber, Ralph C. Sgt
Cargile, Shelby M. Sgt
Dachau, Melvin F. S/Sgt
Gordon, Edgar H. S/Sgt
Hathaway, Andrew Cpl
Magnuson, Carl O. T/Sgt
Sanford, Keith C. S/Sgt
Calabro, Albert C. Cpl
Cash, Charles Sgt
Clark, Gerald S/Sgt
Cohn, Morris Cpl
Colombo, Louis F. Cpl
Debboli, Anthony S/Sgt
Lesey, Glenn K. Cpl
Childers, Marx T. Cpl
Mangonweld, George Cpl
Nye, William D. Sgt
Reynolds, Willie Cpl
Dority, Everett L. S/Sgt
Gossage, George T/Sgt
Olson, Stuart H. S/Sgt
Lusk, Dewey L. S/Sgt
Middleton, C. E. Sgt
Price, Marion W. Sgt
Stovall, William N. Sgt
Warfield, Harold H. Sgt
Eckol, Thomas A. Sgt , _
Edwards, Alvin A. S/Sgt
Elliott, Leroy S/Sgt
Goddard, Robert L. Sgt , _
Gottberg, Robert F. Sgt, Radar Mechanic
Harbert, Forrest S/Sgt , _
Hora, S. W., Jr. Sgt
Inbody, Clark S/Sgt
Watz, Sam Sgt
Wirchner, Gordon Sgt
Lamm, Maurice H. Sgt , _
Levine, David S/Sgt
Long, Jack H. S/Sgt
Marasco, Patrick V. Sgt , _
Martin, Fred S/Sgt
Morgan, Bruce Sgt
Reed, David E. Sgt
Stokes, Clyde E. Sgt , _
Sullivan, Charles Sgt
Templeton, George J. S/Sgt
Allen, James H. Sgt
Bane, John W. Cpl
Becker, John R. Cpl
Behn, Henry H. Pfc
Boyce, Richard Pfc
Brown, Alney L. Cpl , Armorer
Carrender, Leo Pfc
Chass, Alfred E. Pfc
Dacchille, Frank S/Sgt
Danley, Maurice J. Pfc
Davis, Luke , Jr. Pfc
DeMatti, Louis Pfc
Dickson, Raymond Cpl
Everhart, C. J. Pfc
Heath, W. M. F. Sgt
Henderson, Hubert Pfc
Holland, Delmer W. Sgt
Hughes, Maxwell F. Pfc
Iff, Edward F. Cpl
Januszkiewicz, J. W. Pfc
Juoina, John S. Pvt
Ketron, Garnie L. Pfc
Lenderman, H. C. Sgt
Lewis, Murray V. Pfc
Lopez, Juan Pfc
Loyd, James R. Pfc
McCrary, Thomas Cpl
McHugh, John J. Sgt
Mucha, Joseph J. Sgt
Persello, Donald Sgt
Predmore, Robert Cpl
Prihoda, Willie Cpl
Salcido, Juan Pfc
Sties, Sterling R. Cpl
Strength, Howard Sgt
Treadwell, W. I. Pfc
Vance, Deward W. Pfc

Alspach, Kenneth S/Sgt
Atkins, Willis B. Pfc
Bellis, Frank J. M/Sgt
Binkney, Edward Cpl
Bulleigh, Donald Sgt
Cohen, Harry Cpl
Del Mastro, V. F. Cpl
Donohue, John J. Sgt
Doyle, Harry P. S/Sgt
Farmer, Harold K. Sgt
Fogland, Walter R. Cpl
Franzen, Joseph V. Cpl
Ghighi, Melvin H. Pfc
Harvard, Howard F. Sgt
Hulett, Eddie M. S/Sgt
Krob, Robert S. Cpl
Latchaw, Harrison Cpl
Lewis, William Cpl
Livingston, A. L. Cpl
Ortbals, Leo H., Jr. Pfc, Armorer
Paolino, A. F. Sgt
Prior, Roy A. Pfc
Rock, Norwood K. Cpl
Robichard, Joseph Sgt
David, Frederick S/Sgt
Wall, Frank M. S/Sgt
White, Harry F. Sgt
Wiley, Charles J. Pfc

Asker, Kenton Cpl
Bobbitt, Vernon O. Cpl
Garner, Marion C. Sgt
Iles, William E. Sgt
Lopez, Filimon Pfc
Robinson, Joseph Pfc
Shoemaker, James Pfc
Weil, Donald R. Pfc
Kelly, George V. Cpl
Zeier, Donald J. Sgt
Brudowsky, N. Cpl
Champagne, Jack A. S/Sgt
Cole, Walford S. W. S/Sgt
Colman, Julius , Jr. S/Sgt
Crossman, Fred L. Sgt
Cruse, Fred T. Sgt
Curry, Melvin P. S/Sgt
Duhme, Andrew L. S/Sgt
Dunn, Norman A., Jr. Cpl
Fink, Harold Sgt
Holmick, Albert W. Cpl
Hoover, Herbert C. Sgt
Kelleher, F. D. S/Sgt
Langholff, Robert S/Sgt
Loper, Lester H. Cpl
Newman, Walter D. Sgt
Stari, Peter P. Pvt
Steinman, Ernest J. Cpl
Vighianno, Paul L. Cpl
Wells, Ralph E. S/Sgt
Edgin, Sam L. Sgt
Schneider, W. , Jr. Sgt
Church, James E. Cpl
Berman, Morris D. Cpl
Vaughn, George A. Sgt
Gagliardia, John A. Cpl
Pascual, Michael J. Cpl
Farmer, Harold K. Sgt
Brzdowski, John J. Sgt
De Camp, David N. Cpl
Logan, Donald T. Scp
Wildison, Ricahrd V. Cpl
Kenneally, Andrew K. Sgt

Brozdowsky, John Sgt