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These are exclusive, copyrighted Video Documentaries & Interviews of 6th Bomb Group vets relating their experiences during WWII. Our legacy website is intended to grow with relevant content over time. Please CONTACT US if you wish to contribute materials or if you’re interested in volunteering.

Funny B-29 War Stories as told by the Pilots & Crew Members | ©6th Bomb Group Association, 2021

70 years later, B-29 air crewmen from the 6th Bomb Group, Tinian Island 1945, share history through funny stories of the war. Edited by the son of pilot Ed Vincent, Kent Vincent.

Narration: Filmed at a 6th Bomb Group Reunion
Video Presentation & Editing: Kent Vincent, January 2021
Duration: 10:00 min

Fighting For Our Lives, Our Freedom, Our Future | The B-29 Pacific War Bombing Missions ©6th Bomb Group Association, 2020

In this exceptional exposé, 6th Bomb Group B29 Aircraft Commander Ed Vincent describes the frightening experience of the 15 hour non-stop B29 bombing missions over Japan from briefing to return. The narration is given with impressive 6th BG archive photos and included the perils of overweight take-offs, celestial navigation over 1500 miles of open ocean, extreme turbulence, conventional, incendiary and mining missions, flak and zero attacks, casualties, bombing impact and justification.

Narration: Filmed in 2020 at the home of Ed Vincent
Video Presentation and Introduction: Kent Vincent May 2020
Duration: 33:00 min

Rare Footage of the Atomic Bomb Missions ©Anderson Giles 2020


RARE FOOTAGE | Pacific War historian and author Anderson Giles provides intriguing commentary to the historic 509th Composite Group silent color documentary film of the atomic bomb missions over Japan from Tinian in 1945. Included is rare footage of the Little Boy and Fat Man atomic bombs secret facilities, preparation, loading, bombing missions and detonation over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The top secret Enola Gay B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was disguised and positioned on Tinian, Island in the Marianas as part of the 6th Bomb Group.

Produced and narrated: ©2004 Anderson Giles
Duration: 34:49 min

Unsung Heroes of the B-29s ©2001 A&E Television Networks

“No weapons program in United States history demanded more heroism from the men who served it than the B-29 Superfortress.” – The History Channel

In this exceptional History Channel color documentary, 6th Bomb Group B-29 Aircraft Commanders John Jennings, Harry George, Robert Rodenhouse, Tailgunner Bill Corrigan, Central Fire Controller / POW David Farquhar and Enola Gay Commander Paul Tibbets describe the perils and impact of the Japan bombing missions, the unspeakable treatment of being downed and taken prisoner, B-29 development and dropping the atomic bomb.

Produced by Lou Reda Productions for the History Channel
Duration: 43 min

The Longest Non-Stop Bombing Mission of WWII ©6th Bomb Group Association, 2020

PACIFIC WAR |  6th Bomb Group B29 Aircraft Commander Ed Vincent describes the longest bombing mission of WWII, a 19 hr. 40 min, 4400 mile non-stop mine dropping mission to Rashin, Korea and back from Tinian, July 11, 1945. Ed and his crew received the Distinguished Flying Cross for this historic mission. Narration filmed in 2014 at the 6th Bomb Group Reunion in Baltimore, MD Video presentation created by Kent Vincent April 2020 Duration: 2:18 min ©Kent Vincent 2020

Narration: Filmed in 2014 at the 6th Bomb Group Reunion in Baltimore, MD
Video: Presentation created by ©Kent Vincent April 2020
Duration:: 2:18 min

Bill Webster Photography from Tinian Island  ©6th Bomb Group Association, 1944-45

PACIFIC WAR | Some of the best 6th BG pictures of the Pacific War from Tinian Island in the Marianas were taken by 6th Bomb Group photographer, Bill Webster. This video highlights many of his large format photos as he describes how they were taken, the making of the Pirates Log, and how he managed to bring many hundreds of negatives home.

Still Photos: ©1944-45 Bill Webster
Narrative: filmed in 2014 at the 6th Bomb Group Reunion in Baltimore, MD
Video: presentation created by ©Kent Vincent April 2020
Duration: 15min