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Thanks to Ethel and T/Sgt Albert S. Dimsha (Engineer).

The Air Crew

The members of crew #3908 included:

1/Lt John E. Jennings (A/C)
2/Lt Harry J. Strasler (Pilot)
F/O Melvin R. Simpson (Navigator)
F/O Raymond J. DeFilippo (Bombardier)
T/Sgt Albert S. Dimsha (Engineer)
Sgt Arthur L. Reed (Radio)
F/O Eugene A. Middleton (Radarman)
S/Sgt Ralph E. Beaupre (CFC)
Pfc Francis A. Mirigliano  (R Gunner)
Cpl Meredith P. Wilson (L Gunner)
Cpl Dwight M. Moore (T Gunner)

1/Lt John H. McKendrick was the original A/C for this crew, but upon arrival at Tinian was assigned as Pilot on the crew of Cpt Richard L. Clark.

The crew with A/C McKendrick. The crewman in the front row is Pfc Francis A. Mirigliano (R Gunner).
Photo provided by 6BG, all rights reserved.

Crew #3908 with A/C Jennings in front of Snugglebunny.
Photo provided by Albert and Ethel Dimsha, all rights reserved.

Standing – Left to Right: Cpl Meredith P. Wilson (L Gunner), S/Sgt Ralph E. Beaupre (CFC), Sgt Arthur L. Reed (Radio), Cpl Dwight M. Moore (T Gunner), T/Sgt Albert S. Dimsha (Engineer), Pfc Francis A. Mirigliano (R Gunner).
Kneeling – Left to Right: F/O Melvin R. Simpson (Navigator), F/O Eugene A. Middleton (Radarman), 1/Lt John E. Jennings (A/C), 2/Lt Harry J. Strasler (Pilot), F/O Raymond J. DeFilippo (Bombardier).

The Airplanes

This crew generally flew “Snugglebunny“.


Last updated 04/19/2020