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Thanks to Cpl Richard T. Kruger (Radio) and to Marilyn McKay, wife of F/O William E. McKay (Bombardier) [first crew] and to Ethel Dimsha and T/Sgt Albert S. Dimsha (Engineer) [second crew].

The Airplane

Crew #3908 ferried “Snugglebunny” to Tinian, departing the States on January 14 and arriving at Tinian on January 23.  They named the airplane “Snugglebunny”, which was the affectionate nickname that Cpt James C. Smith gave to his wife.  “Snugglebunny” flew (at least) 34 missions with the 6th BG and another 78 missions with the 98th Bomb Group in Korea, for a total of (at least) 112 missions.

Swapping Engines on Snugglebunny
Source: “Pirate’s Log”, p. 40

SI Neg. 2003-18704. Date: na.
Left side view of the cockpit section of a Boeing B-29 Stratofortress, “Snugglebunny”. Nose art is the pirate insignia of the 6th Bomb Group. Aircraft also shows the victor number 32. Tinian, c.1945.
Credit: George E. Staley (Smithsonian Institution)

Note the unusual color of the front landing gear.
Source: George E. Staley, Smithsonian Institution

Several B-29s of the 6th and 9th Group at the Service Center.
Photo provided by Captain Jerry Mason, USN

A picture of this plane (after running off the end of the runway) appears in Steve Birdsall, “Superfortress – The B-29”, Squadron/Signal Publications, p. 10.

The Air Crew

The First Crew

The first crew of “Snugglebunny” was Crew #3908.  They flew the airplane for 21 missions during the period Jan 23 to Jun 16.

The Second Crew

The second crew of “Snugglebunny” was Crew #3908B.

Snugglebunny with Crew #3908B.  This picture indicates that the airplane had flown 41 missions (rather than the 34 missions noted above).  The name is in the process of being removed from the airplane.
Photo courtesy of Albert and Ethel Dimsha

Other Crews

Other crews that flew this airplane included Crew #3918.

The Ground Crew

The crew chief for this airplane was M/Sgt Henry H. Kolthoff.

T/Sgt Henry H. Kolthoff and ground crew in front of “Snugglebunny”.
Photo courtesy of Jason Bishop, all rights reserved


Last updated 09/17/2010