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This was a daylight precision mission involving 20 planes from the 6th Bomb Group:

Three precision attacks with high explosive GP bombs were made in April.  One, on [1]2 April against the Hodagaya Chemical Company at Koriyama, 100 miles north of Tokyo, was the longest raid thus far for the Sixth.


[Pirate’s Log, p. 38]


20th AF Mission 64


Date: 12 April 1945
Code Name:Butterball #1
Target:Hodagaya Chemical Company, Koriyama 90.9 - 2025
Participating Units: 313th Bombardment Wing
Number of A/C Airborne: 82
% A/C Bombing Primary:80% (66 primary and 9 Opportunity)
Type of Bombs and Fuzes:
Tons of Bombs Dropped:
Time Over Primary:121220K - 121330K
Altitude of Attack:7,000 - 15,000
Weather Over Target:clear 12-15 mi. Visibility
Total A/C Lost:0
Resume of Mission:Bombing results excellent -458,000 square feet or 59% of original roof area destroyed or damaged. Target 1658 Northeast Aluminum Plant - north of and adjacent to Target 2025 has 130,000 square feet or 68% of total roof area destroyed or damaged. Seven aircraft non-effective. Enemy air opposition slight - 3 attacks no claims, AA, AW, meager, inaccurate. Possible ground to air rockets. Average bomb load 8,939 lbs. Average gas reserve 948 gallons.