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Thanks to Dave Bell for pictures and names of aircraft and crew.

The Air Crew

The members of crew #3912 were:

Maj Duane C. Treeman (A/C)
1/Lt John S. Disosway (Pilot)
1/Lt Donald E. Johnson (Navigator)
1/Lt Max J. Friermood (Bombardier)
1/Lt Robert E. Wagner (Engineer)
Cpl Robert F. Fei (Radio)
S/Sgt Euclid Chu (Radarman)
Cpl Alvin H. L. Howell (CFC)
Sgt Dale R. Brady (R Gunner)
Sgt James M. Mugridge (L Gunner)
Sgt Raymond F. Casella (T Gunner)

1/Lt John S. Disosway (Pilot) transferred to Crew #3906 (replacement).  Disosway was replaced by 1/Lt Gerald K. Kunkle.  Kunkle was replaced by Cpt Richard E. Scanlan.

Cpl Robert F. Fei (Radio) was replaced by S/Sgt Joseph F. Cameron.

Cpl Alvin H. L. Howell (CFC) was replaced by T/Sgt Ralph B. Kennerly .

Standing – Left to Right: Sgt Dale R. Brady (R Gunner), ___ (Passenger), Maj Duane C. Treeman (Airplane Commander), 1/Lt Robert E. Wagner (Engineer), Cpt Richard E. Scanlan (Pilot), T/Sgt Ralph B. Kennerly (CFC)
Kneeling – Left to Right: S/Sgt Euclid Chu (Radarman), 1/Lt Donald E. Johnson (Navigator), S/Sgt Joseph F. Cameron (Radio), Sgt Raymond F. Casella (T Gunner), 1/Lt Max J. Friermood (Bombardier), Sgt James M. Mugridge (L Gunner).

The Airplanes

This crew generally flew “Tokyo Trolley II“.


Last updated 11/20/2008