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The Air Crew

The original members of crew #3901 were:

Maj John C. Layson (A/C)
1/Lt. Donald M. Fox (Pilot)
1/Lt Frank J. Daschback (Navigator)
1/Lt George E. Little (Bombardier)
1/Lt George F. Norris (Engineer)
Cpl James R. Clark (Radio)
S/Sgt Thomas F. Keenan (Radarman)
T/Sgt Stanley T. Maciag (CFC)
S/Sgt Robert F. Richardson (R Gunner)
S/Sgt Delbert W. Welker (L Gunner)
S/Sgt Robert E. Potter (T Gunner)

1/Lt. Donald M. Fox (Pilot) swapped places with Cpt Barney R. Olive, A/C of Crew #3917 in order to allow Cpt Olive to gain combat experience with an experienced crew.   Cpt Olive (Pilot) was assigned to Crew #???  and was replaced by 1/Lt Duane T. Darkenwald from Crew ???.

1/Lt George E. Little (Bombardier) was transferred to Crew #3915 and was replaced by 1/Lt James E. Gentry.

S/Sgt Thomas F. Keenan (Radarman) was transferred to Crew #3906 (replacement) and was replaced by 1/Lt Wilbur M. Barner.

On March 4, S/Sgt James R. Clark (Radio) was wounded severely enough to be sent home.  He was replaced by S/Sgt A. F. Del Signore.

The original members of Crew #3901 prior to deployment.  Note that the men are wearing a squadron insignia, possibly of their own design – a tiger with an extruding lightning bolt.
Photo courtesy of Allen Richardson, son of S/Sgt. Robert F. Richardson.

Standing – Left to Right: 1/Lt George F. Norris (Engineer), 1/Lt Frank J. “Dash” Daschbach (Navigator), Maj John C. “Bulldog” Layson (Airplane Commander), 1/Lt. Donald M. “The Fox” Fox (Pilot), 1/Lt. George E. “Barrel” Little (Bombardier).
Kneeling – Left to Right: S/Sgt Delbert W. “Duck” Welker (Left Gunner), S/Sgt Robert E. “Bob” Potter (Tail Gunner), S/Sgt Robert F. “Ranger” Richardson (Right Gunner), S/Sgt Thomas A. Kennan (Radarman), S/Sgt James R. “Red” Clark (Radio), T/Sgt Stanley T. P. “Steve” Maciag (CFC).

The Airplanes

This crew generally flew “Grider Gal“.


Last updated 04/10/2010