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Thanks to Doug Haller, grandson of Sgt Kenneth Caswell (Radio).

The Air Crew

The members of crew #4004 were:

Cpt Clayton Anderson (A/C)
1/Lt John T. Sofge (Pilot)
1/Lt Arthur A. Gebert (Navigator)
1/Lt George W. Sioles (Bombardier)
T/Sgt Theodore Ocander (Engineer)
S/Sgt Philip S. Mather (Radio)
T/Sgt William B. Greenwood (Radarman)
T/Sgt Paul Q. O’Leary (CFC)
Sgt Victor Mazza (R Gunner)
S/Sgt Paul R. Dornbaugh (L Gunner)
Sgt Donald St. Priest (T Gunner)

1/Lt Myron A. Christensen (A/C).  T/Sgt William B. Greenwood (Radarman) may have left the crew and been replaced by S/Sgt Philip S. Mather (Radio).  Sgt Kenneth Casswell (Radio) also flew with this crew and may have taken the place of Mather.

Picture provided by Doug Haller, all rights reserved

Standing – Left to Right: T/Sgt Theodore Ocander (Engineer), 1/Lt Arthur A. Gebert (Navigator), S/Sgt Philip S Mather (Radarman), ___ (Gunner), T/Sgt Paul Q. O’Leary (CFC), Lt Orin P. Johnston (Bombardier).
Kneeling – Left to Right: ___ (Gunner), Sgt Donald St. Priest (Tail Gunner), 1/Lt Myron A. Christensen (A/C), 1/Lt Albert P. Semonian (Pilot), Sgt Kenneth Caswell (Radio).

The Airplanes

This crew generally flew “Tojo’s Nightmare“.