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Thanks to Sgt Ollie K. Teeter (Tail Gunner) and to Chris Lancaster, grandson of 1/Lt Joseph Kubicek (A/C).

The Airplane

“Dearly Beloved” in formation with other planes of the 40BS
Photo from Terry Tucker Rhodes, daughter of 1/Lt Percy Tucker, all rights reserved

The air crew named the aircraft “Dearly Beloved”.  The ground crew added the name “Ramp Tramp” which generally signifies an aircraft that is always in need of maintenance and always parked.

1/Lt Joseph Kubicek (A/C) standing in front of “Dearly Beloved”.  This picture clearly shows the name “The Ramp Tramp” below the official name.
Photo provided by Chris Lancaster, grandson of 1/Lt Joseph Kubicek (A/C), all rights reserved.

Other pictures of this plane appears in Steve Birdsall, “Superfortress – The B-29”, Squadron/Signal Publications, p. 35 and on the internet.

The Air Crew

This aircraft was assigned to Crew #4018.

The Ground Crew

The Crew Chief of “Dearly Beloved” was M/Sgt Michael J. Kasek.


Last updated 03/21/2010