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Credit: Thanks to Mark Furman, son of F/O Richard H. Furman (Pilot, “Battling Betty”, 40BS) and to Elizabeth Koch-Colson, granddaughter of S/Sgt Matthew H. Koch (Right Gunner, “Battling Betty”, 40BS)

The Airplane

Photo provided by Mark Furman, all rights reserved.

F/O Richard H. Furman (Pilot) is under the “54”. They had just gotten the DFC, and a crewman was leaning out the Flight Commander’s window, above, and F/O Furman was supervising while he pasted on the new DFC decal.

Photo provided by Elizabeth Koch-Colson, all rights reserved.

F/O Richard H. Furman (Pilot) in front of “Battling Betty”.

The Air Crew

This airplane was flown by crew #40r2.


Last updated 01/10/2012