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The Air Crew

The members of crew #2411 were:

1/Lt Dean J. Mutoh (A/C)
1/Lt Charles Vok (Pilot)
1/Lt Roger A. Farrow (Navigator)
1/Lt C. A. Juskiewicz (Bombardier)
1/Lt William E. Reed (Engineer)
S/Sgt James R. Wyatt (Radio)
S/Sgt William J. Becker (Radar)
T/Sgt Jack C. Roger (CFC)
S/Sgt Donald F. Goetz (R Gunner)
S/Sgt M. DeFerdinando (L Gunner)
S/Sgt Fred J. Day (T Gunner)

Maj Alton P. Donnell (Pilot) also served with this crew.

The Airplanes

This crew primarily flew “___”.


Last updated 11/02/2008