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Thanks to Bernard E. Wilson, gunner, and David Wilson, his son.

The Airplane

“Big Joe” was one of the few planes painted black on the bottom.

Crew #2405 pictured in front of “Big Joe”.

Photo provided by 6BG, a rights reserved

Crew #2404B pictured in front of “Big Joe”:

Photo provided by Bernard and David Wilson, all rights reserved.

The Air Crew

The regular crew of “Big Joe” was Crew #2405.  When Crew #2404B first arrived on Tinian, they were assigned to fly on “Big Joe” for 5 missions under 1/Lt Claude A. Johnstone (Aircraft Commander) for their first five missions.  In the picture above, 1/Lt Claude A. Johnstone (Aircraft Commander) is in the middle of the front row.


Last updated 03/21/2010