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Thanks to S/Sgt Dave Farquhar (CFC Gunner, 24th Squadron); John McFee, son of 1/Lt Malcolm McFee (“Grider Gal”, 39th Squadron).

The Airplane

This was the first of two aircraft designated #15.  (Although in the records, the designation was #1.)  This aircraft was named “Blind Date” on the left side and had a second name added later, “Ladys Delight” on the right side.  It may have been the only plane with two names.  This aircraft was shot down on May 23 (Mission #43). All members of the crew survived, except for Sgt Stephen Spega.

Photo courtesy of John McFee, all rights reserved.

The Aircrew

The air crew of “Blind Date/Lady’s Delight” was Crew #2404.


Last updated 10/09/2011