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Thanks to Dale Jester, son in law of Lloyd Stanley “Stan” Hiatt.

The Airplane

Forever Amber II after 10 missions.
Photo provided by Mike Bates, all rights reserved.
Forever Amber II was apparently a replacement for Forever Amber, which was retired after extensive damage received on the June 5, 1945 mission.
“Forever Amber II” on the hardstand.  Photo courtesy of Dale Jester, son in law of Lloyd Stanley “Stan” Hiatt.

The Air Crew

This airplane was assigned to Crew #3911.

The airplane may have also been assigned to a crew that included Stan Hiatt, who appears in the pictures below.

Stan Hiatt in from of Forever Amber II

Stan Hiatt and possible crewmembers of Forever Amber II

Photos courtesy of Dale Jester., son in law of Lloyd Stanley “Stan” Hiatt, all rights reserved.

The Ground Crew

The crew chief of this airplane was S/Sgt Roland J. “Marty” Martelly.


Last updated 05/26/2012