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Thanks to Sgt Angelo J. Piecora (Tail Gunner)  and his son Joe Piecora; Andy Wilson, son of Cpt Ralph C. Wilson (Aircraft Commander); Hitesh Chitalia, son-in-law of S/Sgt George Fedowich (Radarman).

The Airplane

The “White Mistress” with 36 missions.
Photo provided by Elizabeth Koch-Colson, granddaughter of S/Sgt Mthhew H. Koch (R Gunner, “Battlin’ Betty”, 40 Squadron), all rights reserved.

The POW Mission

The “White Mistress” was a veteran of 45 bombing missions and was credited with 3 kills.  Her career came to an abrupt end when she attempted to abort a takeoff on a PW Supply mission.  The A/C was Lewis W. Graham.

A picture of this accident from a different angle appears in Steve Birdsall, “Superfortress – The B-29”, Squadron/Signal Publications, p. 10.

The Air Crews

The original crew of “White Mistress” was crew #4007.   The aircraft was flown by several crews, including the crew of Capt Paul E. Ward (crew #4014).  Assuming that the first crew flew “White Mistress” for 35 missions, then the other crews had accumulated 10 missions at the time of the last mission.

The Ground Crew

The crew chief was M/Sgt R. G. Felty.

A couple of the ground crew relax.
Photo courtesy of Hitesh Chitalia

The “White Mistress” gets an overhaul early in her career.

Last updated 03/27/2010