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A picture of Kyushu as of 1 Aug 45 showing remaining target areas.  The area attacked on this mission is cross-hatched.


This was a night incendiary mission involving 29 planes from the 6th Bomb Group:

Continuing the attack, Fukuoka’s urban area on northwest Kyushu was hit by twenty-nine Sixth planes on the night of 19-20 June. A total of 264 incendiary bombs fell on the target. Results were 1.57 sq mi destroyed. The Japs offered only light opposition, and the Group suffered no personnel casualties or battle damage to its aircraft.


[Pirate’s Log, p. 47]


20th AF Mission 211


Date: 19 June 1945
Target:Fukuoka Urban Area (90.35)
Participating Units: 73rd
313th Bombardment Wings
Number of A/C Airborne: 237
% A/C Bombing Primary:92.82% (221 primary and 2 opportunity)
Type of Bombs and Fuzes:E-46
E-36 (500 lb. incendiary clusters set to open 2500' above target)
AN-M47A2 (100lb incendiary bombs with instantaneous nose.)
Tons of Bombs Dropped: 1525 tons on primary and 13.3 tons on opportunity.
Time Over Primary:0011K -- 0153K
Altitude of Attack:9000 -- 10,000 feet
Weather Over Target:1/10-3/10
Total A/C Lost:0
Resume of Mission:73rd Wing strike photos showed good results, with numerous fires in the built up area of the city. 1.3 sq. miles destroyed (20%) of built up area. Medium and heavy A/A, meager to moderate and generally inaccurate. Twelve E/A sighted made 4 attacks. Ten B-29's landed at Iwo Jima. Fourteen B-29's were non-effective. Average bomb load: 14,399 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 717 gallons.