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  • B-29 Pilot Seat. © K. Vincent - All Rights Reserved
    March 29, 2021
    Surviving a Crippling Flak Hit – by Lt. Charles...
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  • Virgil Morgan, B-29 Engineer, Pacific War
    March 6, 2021
    ANYONE BUT THE 6TH by Virgil Morgan, B-29 Engineer
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  • ENOLA GAY 1945 - Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima.
    February 17, 2021
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  • RIVETER AT BOEING -The Home Front Was Critical To Winning WWII
    February 4, 2021
    Lessons of War: The Home Front Was Critical To...
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  • Ralph C. Wilson - Student Loses Instructor in Final Solo Flight
    January 19, 2021
    The Path to Becoming a B-29 Pilot - Ralph...
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  • B-29's fly Non-Stop From Japan to Wash DC News Headline
    October 26, 2020
    A B-29 Stunt That May Have Helped Create the...
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  • B29 Superfortress over Tinian
    May 25, 2020
    How the Superfortress Paced the Attack Against Japan
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  • December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor. Battleship attack, Hawaii.
    May 24, 2020
    A Day of Infamy - Pearl Harbor December 7,...
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  • 6th Bomb Group: B-29 Bombers, the Pacific War. Photo: ©Percy Tucker. All Rights Reserved.
    March 28, 2020
    6th Bomb Group War Diaries: Al Dimsha 1945
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  • A-2 jacket. Poughkeepsie Leather Coat Co. Property Air Force U.S. Army.
    March 16, 2020
    Khaki vs. Blue Air Force Colors
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